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Producer • Writer

FILMSTERS partner Michael I. Miller has produced and written comedy shows, feature film scripts, dramas and documentaries throughout his career in New York and Hollywood.

He produced a weight loss story on obese teenagers for the ABC series “EXTREME MAKEOVER.”

Michael was co-writer and co-producer of the documentary IF I COULD. He is best known for having written and produced NBC's "BLOOPERS AND PRACTICAL JOKES" for Carson Productions/Dick Clark Productions over its fifteen-year run of series and specials.

He also produced the ABC Specials "WHO MAKES YOU LAUGH, 1 & 2" for Winsome/Merv Griffin Productions and the "WILL YOU MARRY ME?, 1, 2, 3, and 4", hidden-camera marriage proposal specials for Dick Clark Productions.

He was co-producer of TLC's "FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE" series, coordinating producer of the "HOLLYWOOD UNLEASHED" series for Animal Planet, and consulted on shows for The Travel Channel and E!'s Style Network.

He is on the programming committee of the Cleveland Jewish Film Festival and the Advisory Board of the Annapolis Film Festival.

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