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Capturing the

human experience.


Inspiring People Through Film Is Our Super Power

Our Documentary Style Paired With Strong Stories

Creates Emotional Attachment ---

A Recipe For Deep Impact.



Your ideas, our execution. We’ll develop a detailed treatment on how to best execute your vision through a highly collaborative process. Developing original material or consulting on a script or story in progress is a mainstay. Our specialty is true stories to the screen, both fiction and non-fiction. We can offer expertise and guidance. True stories are what we do best.



FILMSTERS provides insight and notes on scripts, television, documentary and movie development. Your ideas, our execution. We’ll develop a detailed treatment on how to best execute your vision through a highly collaborative process. Content strategy and creative treatments for teams who build their brands in house, but sometimes need to bring in the experts to get more done.



With over two decades of experience, we will oversee the pre-production, shoot and final execution of field or studio production needs. We take on telling your story and stick to your budget. We work with investors, networks, journalism outlets, corporations, non-profits, and independent production teams to tell stories that are impactful, balanced,

and people-driven.

IMG_2063 3.HEIC

Capturing the ferry ride to Bald Head Island, DP Kyle Dietz shoots on an Alexa Mini with an Easy Rig for stability.




Guiding projects through the post-production process requires attention to detail, the right talent, tools and estimated costs from the start. At FILMSTERS, we focus on the editorial and visual process for the best possible outcome. We have years of experience and a roster of experts that specialize in editing, sound, color-correction and various formats for digital distribution.





Having created and produced shows for national primetime/cable television, FILMSTERS

has the know-how and the creative vision to adapt and to bring stories to life through docu-series, reality TV and scripted shows based on true or original themes for multiple screens and distribution platforms.

DP Andrew Baris changes lenses while shooting the award-winning short documentary film, Revolving Doors.



We are interested in developing true stories for the screen. If you have something to submit, please contact us to discuss. 



FILMSTERS is an ambitious team of journalists, educators, producers, artists, makers and doers who create powerful videos that shift perceptions and aspire to change the world.


We put social responsibility first, using video as a medium to capture our interconnectivity as humans in a way that is both beautiful and relatable.

Investigating untold stories with important issues and finding compelling characters is the essence of what we do. Capturing ordinary life through extraordinary people our forte.

FILMSTERS creates powerful videos that shift perceptions and build emotional connections.


DP Bobby Burton follows the action using a handheld MOVI and shooting on the Red camera to capture life doc style.



Let us help you tell your story through branded entertainment with a doc style twist. Ideas will flow, input is welcome.Be authentic. Stories are old as time, and they have been bringing people together since the day they were drawn on cave walls.

Telling your brand’s story means sharing your authentic self with customers. Don’t shy away from that. Embrace the discomfort of letting your customers into your world. Stay true to your story through every aspect of your company. Make it the guiding force in all the content you create, clients you work with and relationships you build.

Branded Entertainment

Improving Brands 

When a message is delivered through a story arc, the capacity for your audience to recall becomes greater. Our brains process images sixty times faster than text. Facts prove points but a story sparks empathy and improves our ability to remember a message.

Memorable brands need to stay updated to the audience that they are targeting. When you reconnect your viewers with authentic aspects of a recognizable character given a facelift they begin to understanding how that character fits into their own lives. Suddenly, you are relatable and credible, you’re a tangible brand who understands them and is trying to make a difference.


Quality matters in our crew and equipment. We use the latest gear that fits the budget, never shooting less than 4k with good lenses. DP Bobby Lam, is working on the SONY Venice to shoot 3D live-action PSA for NCPC and USPTO.

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